What are Better Breathers?

Better Breathers are drug free, multi-use nose filters that protect against allergens down to 0.02 microns. That means dust, pollen, dander & other things never make it past your nostrils! Through the use of an activated charcoal filter encased in a lightweight, soft plastic frame, Better Breathers can help alleviate allergies & sensitivities to naturally or artificially occurring airborne pollutants, such as tobacco smoke, mold, & pet hair. They even help prevent snoring! Essentially, Better Breathers help you breathe better!

Clean up your breathing

You filter your water, so why not your air? Use Better Breathers to breathe filtered air all day long, wherever you go!

Leave dust in the dust!

Traps dust, dander, allergens, and pollutants down to 0.02 microns! Determined by independent laboratory report from RTI International Testing Labs. (Report available upon request)

Where should I use?

Great for construction sites, traveling, concerts, hiking, spray-tanning, and more! Don’t let your nose tell you where you can’t go!

Also effective against:

Pollens, airborne pollutants, mold spores, gasoline & diesel exhaust fumes, harmful elements in tobacco smoke, chemical odors, dust & dust mites, detergents, perfumes, animal dander & more!

Reduces snoring!

Do you saw logs every night and keep everyone awake? Put down the saw and pick up the Better Breathers, lumberjack! Wearing Better Breathers while you sleep can help alleviate snoring!


Tired of nose-drops, remedies or other non-effective allergy solutions with undesirable side-effects? With Better Breathers, you can breathe as freely as if you didn’t even have allergies!

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